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The Obj01 lamp was designed during the pandemic, at a time when it was not possible to go outside, buy materials or visit production workshops. Manu wanted to design an object to inhabit his home during the pandemic, so he started making models using a cutter knife and cardboard boxes from online purchases he made, since cardboard was the only material he had at home. The design process was focused on generating simple cuts on cardboard sheets and through those simple cuts generate new functions or uses for the object. In this case the idea was to generate a lampshade through a simple cut.

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Canopy by Hilton

As with each Canopy, the one in Hangzhou Jinsha lake is also a glocalized lifestyle hotel within Hilton's portfolio integrating simple service and local culture. As with Asia's first hotel of this brand in Chengdu, the lighting design intent also aimed to reveal the local elements found within the hotel as well as the iconic and unique canopy bed frame of the guestrooms.

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As an IoT device, Imilab Eye Caring Lamp can bring home safety, comfort, and convenience. It will not produce blue light and visual flicker during operation. Some children suspend their classes and stay at home during the epidemic, and their parents who go out to work cannot stay with them. Therefore, Imilab Eye Caring Lamp plays a role in accompanying them remotely, and guards’ children's growth. The camera with physical shielding function has a built-in microphone so that children and parents can talk to each other anytime.

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The Apex cordless table lamp has been designed to provide a glare-free downlight and soft glow on the internal metallic cone, resulting in a warm ambient task light for hospitality or residential use. Created to be used as the central source of illumination on any table, the battery-powered and compact design facilitate flexibility in table settings and ease of cleaning. Sustainability is a big part of NEOZ's design ethos, as such the CNC metal body is assembled with only mechanical fixings, thus promoting self-maintenance, upgrade, and recycling by the end-user.

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Left Bank

The lighting design of the park mainly addresses the issue of functional lighting and taking into account the landscape lighting. Anti-glare buried lamps are used on the ground floor to illuminate the pillars and ceiling to ensure soft reflected illumination in the walkway. The sky corridor adopts 3000K linear lamps embedded in the handrails of the corridor bridge to provide functional lighting on the ground and ensure the continuity of the night landscape space.

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Wang Museum

Outdoor landscape lighting pays attention to the design of the water reflection effect, while satisfying functional lighting, it also shapes the light environment of the water scenery. The restrained exterior lighting design is limited applies to the design of the most important architectural features, which accentuate the transparency of the feature large French windows and illuminate hall's iconic triangular windows. It makes the interior and exterior spaces more integrated with each other.

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